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"The right planning and a continuous professional assistance, represent the only way to face one of the most critical steps of your business activity, payment of fiscal charges and taxes.”

Someone said that two are the certainties in life: death and taxes. However taxes, among this certainties, turn out to be “the most uncertain”, due to continuous changes in legislation and to different legal interpretations, bringing a constant challenge in running a business.

The Tax Department of Boscolo & Partners Romania, for over 20 years, provides assistance to its customers at every stage of the business life, by offering fast answers and solutions which follow them throughout the whole business activity. Starting with the first tax planning and moving on the recurrent ones, such as compliance support plans and any other advice on corporate tax and VAT. We can also assist companies during their “critical stages”, such as the preparation before a Fiscal Authorities tax audit or during the process of a new business (tax due diligence) purchasing.

Considering the importance - for any dynamic business - to be open towards foreign markets, B&P is always keen on providing answers related to International issues. Even in this case, we provide assistance in the activities of “Transfer Pricing” and “Expatriate Tax Advice”.

Services offered in this category:

  •          CORPORATE TAX
  •          VAT
  •          INDIRECT TAX
  •          TAX ADVICE
  •          TAX DISPUTES
  •          TAX DUE DILIGENCE
  •          TAX REVIEW
  •          TAX PLANNING