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"In business the quality of offered services and consultant skills need to be alongside with the customer especially in the turning points.”

Both large and small sized businesses expect the same things from a corporate advisor. It is important  for the advisors to be able to show their deep expertise, experience and insight anytime, in order to raise the client's confidence in the advice. Boscolo & Partners  adds in this strategic and sensitive activity all the experience of a framework that has been operating in the international markets for decades. The highest quality skills are involved in assisting the customer in these operations which are the most important ones in the history of a business. Are you facing a merger? Are you willing to make an acquisition or moreover dispose of a business? Boscolo & Partners can help you in every of these cases bringing into play its experts' experience in different fields, their knowledge of the financial market and their technical capabilities. Similarly, if you are thinking about the development of a new business  and therefore you need to present it to the key players, it is necessary to base it on an accurate business plan. And if you want to purchase a company you will need to take into account the price of the operation. Furthermore, especially in stressful company situations, a consultant with the appropriate experience is fundamental, e.g. in negotiations with banks about Financial Restructuring, or in Turnaround Plan proposals. For all these activities the technical skills of an advisor must go along with his human qualities and confidentiality: features that have always distinguished our work.

Boscolo & Partners answers the specific needs of companies in the private sector and of the public authorities as well, representing a relevant strategic partner in the development of integrated solutions and financial projects for both private and public investments.

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