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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is part of the culture of Boscolo&Partners Romania and is an important part our business strategy. We are committed to long-standing values and ethical practices and we are  we also give a bit of ourselves back to the community.



Boscolo & Partners Timisoara close to the National College of Banat!

      40 top students from the National College of Timisoara (in the Banat Region) have been awarded for their outstanding results (in competitions, technical Olympics and school projects) during the local Gala of Excellence.
       In particular, Boscolo & Partners Timisoara has directly supported students from the Economy class that by this mentoring project aims to become future top managers in the northwestern region of Romania.
       Boscolo & Partners Timisoara experts support has helped students - in learning during their work team - in cultivating those technical skills that will be useful for their future: not only students were awarded but also their teachers - who have supported these outstanding results – has been distinguished with diplomas.


Together we adopt a mother for Sorina

      Dear Parteners,
      About two years ago, near Christmas holidays, Cristina wrote a short letter:

      â€śDear Santa,, I wish you could bring me a mother, a family of my own, three horses and a lot of sweets".
      Cristina has always imagined that her mom would come on a boat. Each time, while thinking of her mom, Cristina became nostalgic, took some paper and started drawing a river, an empty boat and a house. When she met her new mom for the first time, she told everyone that she was exactly as she imagined. A few hours later, she made a drawing with the exact same river, same boat, but this time there were four passengers on the boat: herself, Lacramioara (her sister), her new mom and her new father. Cristina and Lacramioara now are living with their new family we have been lucky enough to find about a year ago, and they are finally cheerful.
      Sorina is three years old. When she arrived at the Foundation Bambini in Emergenza from Romania, she was two years old and not able to walk or speak. In five days she learned to walk and after ten days to dance. Now Sorina is waiting for a new mom. Her natural mother passed away last year, after abandoned her. During this Christmas, we can achieve all together this great dream!
     Close to winter holidays, the social responsibility strategy of Boscolo & Partners Group focuses its attention to abandoned children from Romania whose Foundation Bambini in Emergenza cares, launching a fund-raising campaign in return for sincere smiles. With your help, we develop the project "Adopt a mother for me", which aims to be able to provide financial support for one year, for a mother (or maternal assistant) to Sorina, an abandoned child with a seriously immune-depressive syndrome. The possibility for Sorina to pronounce for the first time the word "mother", to feel the unconditional love of a family warmth, can now be achieved through a fund-raising campaign of a total amount of 4.300 Euros.
      If you would like to get involved by offering financial support to Sorina, you can donate directly to the Foundation Bambini in Emergenza using their own bank account number: RO30BITRBU1EUR010058CC01 – an account in euro opened in Romania at “Veneto Banca”.
      Also if you wish to "help" Santa Claus himself, in making a really contribute in the spirit of Christmas with various gifts, can still get in touch with the President of the Foundation, that is Mrs Silvia Saini Damato email:
       Thank you and wish you a marvellous holiday!
       Boscolo & Partners


A Mom for Me too !

      Boscolo&Partners CSR Strategy is built according to the areas and locally relevant projects, being closely linked to the ethical standards and values of the Company. We are proud to share a small part of the close link created in recent years with “Bambini in Emergenza” Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to supporting children's problems "in a state of emergency", especially for abandoned children affected by acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).
      In order to be informed concerning the major projects of the Foundation and to better understand and learn about these wonderful people, please visit:
      We present below one of the ongoing projects, one of our beloved ones, hoping that together we can give a helping hand and we can improve the future of the children.
      The Project called "A Mom for Me too" aims to find a mother - a caregiver, for a total of 20 abandoned children living today in the “Andrea Damato” Pilot Centre, giving them the opportunity to have access to a healthy and harmonious growth. Thanks to this opportunity, children not only receive a family but also a future that only a genuine family environment can provide the guarantee of a real social integration. Those who wish to get involved by assisting these children can do this by accessing the reliable fundraising campaign initiated by “Bambini in Emergenza” Foundation:
      Only together can we ensure access to health and education for these children to have a chance at a better future!